Why We Screen for Oral Cancer

Did you know the average American sees their dentist more often than their physician? Dental practices have become the first line of defense for catching oral cancer early. At Liberty, your health is our primary focus.

Same Day Crowns with CEREC®

Getting a crown used to mean plastic temporary crowns and multiple visits to the dentist. Now with advanced CEREC® technology, the Liberty team can create and place a permanent crown in one visit. With Same Day Crowns, you can walk in with a chipped, cracked or damaged tooth, and walk out that same day with a restored smile.

New Year, New You: Enjoy A Whiter, Brighter New Year

After the challenges of 2020, many are ready for a new year. How will you set a new tone for the new year? New focus? New habits? New career? New hope? How about a new whiter and brighter smile?

Why is Invisalign® so popular?

Imagine a beautifully straight smile without all the restrictions and difficulties of brackets and wires all over your teeth. That’s what makes Invisalign® one of dentistry’s most popular treatment options.

4 Reasons Dental Implants are So Popular

Every year, more than half a million people get dental implants. That’s not a surprising number considering that nearly 100 million people and two-thirds of middle-aged adults have lost at least one tooth.

Is Snoring Dangerous?

Beyond the annoying noise, can snoring be a sign of a more serious problem? The short answer is – maybe.

Say Goodbye To Dentures

We have good news for denture wearers. The Liberty team offers a solution that provides a permanent, fixed, tooth replacement option. Say goodbye to slurred speech, limited food choices, constant denture adjustments, and ongoing maintenance issues. Dental implants remain permanently in place and comfortable in your mouth with no additional bracing or movable structures necessary.

Beautiful Cavity Repair

Proper daily oral hygiene prevents most cavities. However, even the most meticulous among us may experience a cavity in need of repair. Rather than being resigned to the silver-filled smiles of old, Liberty offers a more natural looking, tooth colored cavity solution. Today’s composite fillings match your natural tooth color for a more beautiful, confident smile.

5 Warning Signs of Gum Disease

Because gum disease can be painless early on, it often goes unchecked and untreated. Serious consequences may occur when Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) turns into Periodontitis (gum disease). Patients not only experience tooth loss and other oral health concerns, but it can also lead to more significant overall health issues.

5 Reasons Dental Visits Are Essential

We believe your oral health is essential and inseparable from your overall health. From heart and blood pressure issues to vitamin deficiencies and cancer, your oral health has a direct impact on the rest of your body.

Is Your Mouth Always Dry?

If you suffer from chronic dry mouth, you are not alone. About 25 million people in the U.S. share your struggle. Dry mouth occurs when the salivary glands are not working properly to lubricate and protect your tongue, prevent cavities, and start the digestive process.

Liberty Is Open For Dental Emergencies

To best serve our community during these difficult times, Liberty remains open to treat dental emergencies. But, you may be asking, “what constitutes a dental emergency?”

3 Reasons Our Dentists Prefer Implants

This is one of the most common questions the Liberty team receives when we offer treatment options to patients. When it comes to tooth replacement, our dentists would consistently choose dental implants for ourselves and our loved ones.

Dental Solution to Sleep Apnea

While you may not think of seeing your dentist for sleep related issues, the Liberty team offers a comfortable and convenient solution to help you sleep better and wake up refreshed.

3 Reasons Personalized Dentistry Matters

Dentistry has always been a personal experience. It’s your body, your teeth, your smile, and it demands a special level of care. Although high volume dental chains are popping up everywhere, people still prefer a dentist who remembers their name, lives in their community, and authentically cares about them.

5 Popular Smile Enhancements for 2020

A new year brings new hopes, new goals, and new experiences to look forward to. It’s also a time to re-evaluate, re-envision, and refresh your life.

5 Key Questions about Your 2019 Insurance Benefits

The holiday season is upon us and 2020 is just around the corner. As we move toward the end of the year, you may want to evaluate if you are leaving any 2019 insurance benefits on the table?

Snoring Problem Solved Without CPAP

Do you have a snoring problem? The Liberty dental team can help.Studies show that twenty-four percent of American women and forty percent of American men have issues with snoring. 

Restore Your Tooth in One Visit with Dental Bonding

Faster and more cost-effective than dental implants and crowns, dental bonding at Liberty can restore your tooth and your smile in one short visit.

5 Dental Innovations That Benefit You

Gone are the days of cold, drab dental offices with antiquated technology seemingly designed to raise anxiety levels among patients. The modern dental experience is driven by comfort, precision, and solutions that both beautify and maximize oral health at the same time.

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