5 Reasons to Consider Traditional Braces

With so many new and exciting innovations in orthodontics, one might ask why anyone would still want to get traditional metal braces. It’s true, and braces have been around for a surprisingly long time! The foundations of the treatment were developed way back in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Yet, the question, “why do I need braces?” still pops up. The answer is simple: they work, and they work well. There are other treatment options for less complex issues and those concerned about aesthetics. However, by and large, traditional braces are often the way to go.

If you’re looking to upgrade your smile, traditional braces are an excellent option for various reasons. Whether you’re a teen or an adult, braces can do wonders in improving self-esteem by creating a beautiful, healthy smile. Read on to find out more about their benefits!

An Affordable Option

There are several excellent options out there to straighten your teeth, and new technology is advancing all the time! However, there is always the thought of how much braces cost, particularly braces for adults. Invisalign, for example, costs between $3,500-$9,000. On the other hand, traditional braces are often in the region of $2,500 to $6,000. Typically, traditional metal braces are your most cost-effective option.

Many dental plans offer financial help to help mitigate this cost, especially braces for kids. Call our office today to find out if your dental insurance can provide any assistance when it comes to orthodontic treatment!

Effective Against Several Orthodontic Issues

Traditional metal braces are very versatile. Indeed, braces are an effective remedy to several different issues you might be facing. In particular, Braces are the best choice to fix multiple conditions simultaneously. Among the common issues that braces have proven to be effective at treating, include:

  • Underbites and overbites
  • Gaps between the teeth
  • Overcrowding
  • Misaligned jaw
  • Speech and chewing issues

According to the American Dental Association, 70% of children have an overbite. While this is a widespread issue, it is one that braces can remedy. 

Did you know that a misaligned jaw can lead to jaw pain and headaches? Perhaps your jaw clicks when you open your mouth a certain way. If you’re experiencing pain or annoying clicking, schedule a consult today to see if orthodontic treatment can help.

Traditional braces are a consistently effective choice because they can fix a broad range of conditions. Other treatments may straighten your teeth but may not be so much help in fixing your bite. On the other hand, braces straighten your teeth, all while adjusting your bite. 

Create a Healthier Environment for Your Teeth

Most people want straight teeth because they feel it looks better, but did you know it’s more hygienic? Crowded, twisted teeth are more challenging to keep clean. Flossing and brushing are not as difficult with perfectly aligned teeth.

When you are not able to floss and brush effectively, bacteria tend to flourish. Over time, this can lead to gingivitis, cavities, worn down enamel, and eventually decay. The effects can lead to tooth loss, both painful and potentially costly. Scientists are actively researching the possible link between poor oral health and dementia

Having a straight smile also protects you against injury. If something were to hit you near the mouth, a protruding or crooked tooth might cause additional damage. What’s more, straight teeth make wearing a mouth guard easier and more effective when participating in high-intensity activities.

Deliver Quick Results

Unlike many other procedures that prioritize aesthetics, traditional braces are typically your ticket to achieving results the fastest. This is because braces are designed to treat your issues quickly and effectively. 

Unlike Invisalign or similar methods, there is no object to lose. Braces provide little room for human error, which allows them to be an effective and efficient treatment.

Another reason why braces offer a speedy timeline is thanks to the fact that they are always on and always working. There are no interruptions to your care. With Invisalign, you must remove the retainers while you eat. Oftentimes, this leads to people forgetting to put them back on. With traditional braces, there’s no need to remember to remove an object before eating. 

Provide Consistent Durability

What are braces made out of? Usually, they are made from robust materials, such as titanium and steel. This ensures that braces are a strong and durable option, one that is able to hold up against daily wear of eating and brushing. 

Ceramic braces are an alternative option and offer a more subtle look versus the traditional metal braces. While the ceramic material is durable, it is not as robust as traditional braces. While some patients love this discreet option, it is also more costly.

Although damage is unlikely, a patient may experience a broken bracket or two throughout the duration of their time with braces. Fortunately, this is a quick and easy fix taken care of by your orthodontist. While you’re waiting to be seen, apply some wax so that your mouth doesn’t become irritated. 

Schedule a Consultation Today

Traditional braces offer a fast, affordable, and durable option to create a healthier smile. The versatility of this long-standing treatment often makes it the right choice for almost any orthodontic candidate. 

By scheduling a consultation today, you’ll learn about all of the different treatment options available to you. We’ll discuss which options are the best choice, given your specific goals. You’ll have every question answered about how long the braces will be on, how much they’ll cost, and more.

Beyond the health benefits braces offer, one can’t place a dollar amount on the confidence and boosting self-esteem they provide. From braces for teens to gaining self-confidence as an adult, it’s never too late to start your braces journey. Invest in yourself and book a consultation with your orthodontist today!

If you’re a good candidate for braces, your next step is to schedule a visit with your orthodontist. The sooner you start your journey to a brighter smile, the sooner you’ll thank yourself! Call the trusted team at Liberty Family Dentistry to get started.

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