7 Healthy Holiday Teeth Tips

The holiday season has arrived. Houses light up the night sky. Sales offers fill our mailboxes. Seasonal songs greet us everywhere we go.

For most, the holidays provide a special time for families to gather and gifts to be shared. We laugh, play games, maybe argue a little bit, but we always have food. Family buffets rich with sweets and meats and casseroles and treats. 

When you see a fresh-baked apple pie or a blueberry cobbler, you're probably thinking more of your taste buds than your oral health. But it's possible to make both happy. 

Here are some tips from the Liberty dental team to keep your teeth healthier during this holiday season:

1. Say Cheese

Calcium in cheese and other dairy products is great for your teeth. As a bonus, if you may be consuming an alcoholic beverage, the pH in cheese helps to neutralize the acid.

2. White Beats Red

For many, 'tis the season to imbibe. If you have the choice between red wine and white wine, choose white to avoid the staining power of red.

3. Suck It Up

Packed with sugar, soda is not the best choice when it comes to overall oral health. But if you must indulge, use a straw. A straw will help minimize the sugary soda's contact with your teeth. Another helpful tip is to follow up soda with drinking lots of water.

4. Protein Pileup

If you enjoy meat, feel free to pile your plate high. Meat contains both phosphorous and protein, which keep your teeth healthy while also fending off tooth decay. 

5. Brush Up

Though holidays provide opportunities to relax and be a bit lazy, make sure you continue your daily oral health habits. Brush at least twice a day. If you eat sugary sweets or drink colored wine or soda, you might want to brush and floss one more time during the day.

6. Go Green (and Orange)

Crunchy vegetables like broccoli, celery, and carrots naturally brush your teeth while also providing a good source of Vitamin A to strengthen your enamel. 

7. Take It Easy

Enjoy holiday treats and time with your family, just be careful not to overdo it. Eat the less than healthy treats in moderation. Your body will appreciate it and your smile will reflect it in 2018.

Happy Holidays from your Liberty family!

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