Beautiful Cavity Repair

Proper daily oral hygiene prevents most cavities. However, even the most meticulous among us may experience a cavity in need of repair. Rather than being resigned to the silver-filled smiles of old, Liberty offers a more natural looking, tooth colored cavity solution.  Today’s composite fillings match your natural tooth color for a more beautiful, confident smile.  

Below are some powerful advantages of Liberty’s composite fillings...

1. You get to keep more of your tooth

Unlike traditional silver amalgam fillings, composite fillings require less enamel removal and tooth preparation prior to placement. The significant advantage of this approach is that more of your original tooth remains. Keeping more of the original tooth intact minimizes the opportunity for the same tooth to be damaged again, requiring further treatment.

2. You can eat and drink without temperature discomfort

Traditional metal fillings expand and contract with temperature changes, leading to sensitivity and potential damage to the repaired tooth. Although you may experience some tooth sensitivity right after you receive your composite filling, it will eventually fade. The ceramic and plastic compound used in composite feelings does not fluctuate based on hot or cold, allowing you to eat or drink whatever you want without temperature-related discomfort.

3. You have the freedom to smile with confidence

Liberty gives you the power to say goodbye to a silvery smile. Composite fillings are designed to look like they are part of your natural tooth. With color matching, we can seamlessly blend your new filling to fit in with your surrounding teeth. Composite fillings restore protection to the affected tooth while also giving you the freedom to smile with confidence.

Please contact the Liberty team today to see if composite fillings may be the best solution for you.

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