Benefits of Dental Sealants

Dental sealants provide powerful preventative benefits for both children and adults.

How Dental Sealants Work

Dental sealant is applied to the tooth enamel, typically on the molars and premolars because they are the teeth most susceptible to cavities and decay. Made of plastic resin, the sealant bonds into the grooves and depressions as it quickly hardens. Once sealed, the grooves and depressions are protected from food particles that may settle in and lead to the buildup of bacteria and decay. The procedure is very simple, requires a few minutes to dry, and allows the patient to eat and drink normally after the application.

Five Benefits of Dental Sealants

1. Reach places brushing can’t

While regular brushing and flossing prevents cavities and promotes good oral health, even consistent at-home oral hygiene habits can miss some of the grooves and depressions in your teeth. Food particles often get caught in hard to reach places like the premolars and molars, leading to the development of cavities.

2. Long lasting protection

Dental sealants protect teeth from plaque, decay, and subsequent cavities for up to ten years with normal chewing. During your regular dental visits, we always check sealants for chipping and wear. If needed, we simply re-apply the sealant to keep teeth protected.

3. Easy and pain-free application

The application of dental sealant is much like having your teeth painted with a quick-dry, transparent coating. It dries quickly and offers immediate protection.

4. Stops cavities before they start

Stopping cavities before they start is the best approach to long-term oral health. Dental sealants serve as a proven barrier to help prevent cavities in both children and adults.

5. Reduced dental costs

Prevention is the most cost effective approach to dentistry. Because sealants keep bacteria from settling in places it does not belong, sealants not only prevent oral health issues, but also promote the development of strong, healthy teeth. 

With prevention as a top priority, we often recommend sealants for children, adolescents, and even adults to protect teeth and prevent cavities. Contact the Liberty team today for more information.

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