Do You Experience Dental Anxiety?

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Does anxiety begin to whisper in your ear when you realize you have a dentist appointment scheduled for the coming week? Does your heart pick up the pace a little bit? Does your face become flushed? Do you find yourself making up reasons to cancel your appointment? Do you try to convince yourself that it’s not anxiety or fear that makes you want to reschedule?


You Are Not Alone

If just thinking about the dentist makes you a little nervous, you are not alone. It’s estimated that anywhere from 20% to as high as 75% of adults experience some degree of dental anxiety. According to Dr. Peter Milgrom, director of the Dental Fears Research Clinic at the University of Washington, fear is a serious factor when it comes to visiting the dentist. Dr. Milgrom suggests that about 20% of adults only see the dentist when it is absolutely necessary while 5% to 8% avoid the dentist altogether.


Common Reasons

Here are some common reasons for dental anxiety:


  • The idea of needles and/or shots make you uneasy.
  • You’ve had a bad experience with dental care in the past.
  • The smells and/or noises at the dentist office turn your stomach.
  • You have a gag reflex that is easily triggered.


We Have Solutions

As Bloomington's most trusted dental team, we understand dental anxiety and how to help patients who struggle with these issues. Our team utilizes modern sedation dentistry technologies and techniques to deliver safe solutions for patients.


Whether you need a cavity filled, dentures fitted, treatment for sore gums, cosmetic procedures to whiten your teeth or a chipped tooth repaired, you'll be amazed at how much dental work our team can accomplish while you are calmly sedated. As an added bonus, many Liberty patients often wake up with almost no memory of the treatment and feeling like they enjoyed a nice nap.


Anxiety-Free Dental Care

Working together with you, we create a personalized sedation plan to help you overcome your fears and rest easy while we perform your dentistry. So if dental treatment makes you uneasy, we invite you to experience Liberty's anxiety-free approach.

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