Post Surgery Healing Boost

Our bodies are uniquely designed to heal themselves. For example, when we experience a small scrape or cut, our body takes immediate healing actions. First it creates a clot to stop the bleeding. Next a scab will form, and eventually new skin seems to magically appear in place of the cut or scrape. It’s an amazing process that we often overlook.

What if elements of this natural restorative process were leveraged to promote better healing after dental surgery? During Dr. Jones’ advanced training through the Midwest Implant Institute, he learned how to utilize a remarkable new therapy designed to take full advantage of our body’s natural healing properties.

This new therapy, called Leukocyte Platelet Rich Fibrin therapy or L-PRF™, uses concentrated platelets and other key blood cells already in your body to enhance the healing process. Driven by our passion to provide the very best care for our patients, we are now using L-PRF™ at Liberty to help patients experience naturally better healing after surgery.


For the patient, it’s as painless as a routine blood test. We collect a small sample of your blood prior to your surgery. Using the FDA-approved Intraspin™ centrifuge system, L-PRF™ bioactive clots are formed by separating and concentrating platelets and helpful proteins found in your blood. Much like a natural “band-aid,” these powerful L-PRF™ clots are then placed on your surgery site to boost the natural healing process.

With a high concentration of platelets and leukocytes in the L-PRF™ clot, healing proteins and growth factors are released for up to 14 days after your surgery. Because we use your own blood without any additives, it is 100% natural.

L-PRF™ therapy brings together proven science, technology, and our body’s unique design to create a process that greatly enhances post surgery recovery. At Liberty, we make it our priority to remain on the leading edge of modern dentistry, ensuring our patients always receive the most advanced dental care available. Be sure to contact us if you think this technique could benefit you!

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