The Best Solution To Missing Teeth

Nearly 7 in 10 adults aged 35-44 have lost at least one tooth. Missing teeth may not only be embarrassing, but can also lead to greater oral health issues.  When one tooth leaves, it opens the door for a myriad of issues including other teeth shifting, increased susceptibility to gum disease and overall jaw alignment problems.

Missing teeth should be replaced as soon as possible. For years, the prevailing option was some form of dentures.  Today, we have the opportunity for long-term tooth replacement with beautiful Dental Implants.


Dental implants provide a long-term solution to replacing a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. We not only replace your tooth, we make sure it looks great by using a natural looking crown to cover your new long-lasting titanium root. The titanium used in dental implants fuses with the jawbone in a process called osseointegration, preventing further bone loss and stabilizing your bite. With the highest success rate of all tooth replacement options, implants can last a lifetime with daily brushing and flossing.


1. Replace a Single Tooth

While Dental Implants can replace even a single tooth, dentures and fixed bridges are usually only an option when replacing several missing teeth. 

2. Naturally Compatible 

The titanium used in dental implants is naturally compatible with the body while dentures are made from plastic or acrylics that can irritate the gums.

3. Long-Term Solution

While dentures are not permanent and tend to slip, dental implants become naturally fused with bone tissue and replicate the structure of a tooth root. The result? You end up with roots that resist decay and eliminate slippage to make activities such as eating and talking easier.


At Liberty Family Dentistry, we are privileged to have our own dental implant professional. Dr. Jones provides the latest in dental implant expertise, having graduated from the highly acclaimed, multi-year internship at Midwest Implant Institute (the largest private dental implant training institution in the U.S.).

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