Use It or Lose It

Unlike some cell phone plans, your dental insurance does not roll over as we enter a new calendar year. When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, your 2018 dental benefits will turn into a pumpkin. If you have unused benefits, now is the time to contact the Liberty team to schedule treatment before the end of the year.

Remember, you or your employer already paid for your dental insurance. You might as well take full advantage of every benefit available to you and your family. As we enter the last few months of 2018, here are few things to make sure you are not doing…

Leaving Money on the Table

If you have yet to reach your annual coverage limit, you may be leaving money on the table that could be used for dental treatment. We can help you determine how much has been spent so far this year. You may have hundreds of dollars remaining.

Leaving Money in your Account

Do you have an employer-provided Flexible Spending Account (FSA)? Is there a remaining balance for 2018? This is your pre-tax money sitting in an account to be spent on your medical and dental care. Do not let it go to waste. If we recommended dental care that you initially postponed and you have a balance remaining in your FSA, we encourage you to call now to schedule your treatment before the end of the year.

Missing Covered Visits

Life can get busy and cause you or your loved ones to miss dental visits. Now is the time to think back over this past year. Has everyone covered under your plan taken advantage of their regular dental visits with thorough cleanings, x-rays, and exams? These biannual appointments are not only covered by insurance, they help keep your teeth healthy and free of disease.

Losing the Deductible Advantage

If you’ve reached your annual deductible limit, any treatment covered by your plan will typically be paid for by your insurance from now until the end of the year. If you wait until next year to schedule care, you will start all over at $0 counting toward your annual deductible.

Let us help you use it before you lose it

With years of experience under our belt, we understand how to help you get the most from your dental insurance. Contact the Liberty team today to take advantage of your remaining benefits for 2018.

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